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27 Jul

GBC-Mission-Team in RWANDA

GBC-Mission team in Rwanda

From July 30th until August 14th, they will be serving at Umuryango. You can follow their day to day activities and few pictures they will be posting on this page. Click on the date/title below to expand the section and read details.

[expand title=”JULY 30th: Departure“]


[expand title=”JULY 30th: Travel Updates: Click for details“]

Friends, family and partners,
Thank you for praying for the BGC-mission team going to Rwanda. Your prayers are working.

Quick travel updates:
As many of you know, their original itinerary was to fly from Billings to Chicago, then Chicago to Brussels and finally to Rwanda. We got a notification around midnight that their flight to Chicago was delayed. Around 4 am, we got another notification that their flight to Brussels was cancelled. The airline had to reroute them to Denver, then Newark before they get to Brussels for their connection to Rwanda. So, the airline called asking if they could leave in just few minutes and they were ready.


It is like God asked them to spend a night in Billings instead of driving in the morning. Although there has been few delays, they made their connection to Newark and they just landed in Brussels as I type this. The team is great and excited about the mission. God is definitely with them.
As you can see, their beds are already made and we are looking forward to welcoming them in Rwanda before taking their much-needed nap!

Thank you again for being with them on this mission!


[expand title=”JULY 31st: Arrival in Kigali: Click for details“]

[srizonfbalbum id=2] By the time the team met their hosts (Jean Paul, Genereuse and Damascene) who were at the airport to wait for them, it was almost 9pm. You can tell how dark it was in the picture. Although the team was tired from a very long flight, their smiles could light the house! It was a good idea to let them go to bed early. Tomorrow, the team will spend time touring the city of Kigali. They will also have go to visit the Genocide memorial located in Kigali. We will upload some pictures tomorrow to give you an idea of what their day will be like.


[expand title=”August 2nd : First Visit with the children at Umuryango! Click for details“]

[srizonfbalbum id=2] Today, the team had a busy day. The plan was to drive to Muhanga to visit the boys and to spend the day with them. On the way to Muhanga, Jean Paul’s car had a little unpredictable mechanical problem. The car was overheating and they had to find the mechanic who could fix the car. Damascene, who was driving some team members had to make rounds to get them at the home while Jean Paul got the car fixed. Fortunately, they were not too far from the home. Other than the car break down, the visit  was great and the kids had so much fun with the team. It is always a blessing for them to welcome new team members. It means a lot to them them to know that they are loved that much! We always have may village kids joining ours for fun times especially when there are guests. At the end of the day, the team drove back to Kigali. The car was already fixed by the time the team had to go back to Kigali. Tomorrow, the plan is to go to an English-speaking church in Kigali.



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    Thanks so much for the update, I have been on Facebook several times looking for where they are!

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