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Our Model

Our Model

Umuryango has produced a conceptual framework that would capture the essence of our guiding philosophy and the orientation of all our programs. These programs are conceptualized in a “Four Pillar Framework” which expresses the essence of our mission. The classification of a given project into one of the four categories depends more on the purpose rather than on activity. For example, an agricultural project can be classified under the “community development programs” if its sole purpose is to empower or employ the community rather than generating the home’s operating income—which would otherwise make it a self-help project. If it is intended to teach our children about how to become productive farmers, it would then be classified as an educational project.

As they say: “It takes a village to raise a child”. Umuryango strongly agrees with the statement and that is why we work hard to ensure that our initiatives are accepted and are supported by our neighbors, whom we see as partners. One way to enact this understanding is to implement community development programs which are designed to empower our neighboring communities.

We have always considered earned-income models such as micro-enterprises as a key to the long term sustainability of Umuryango. Our ultimate goal is to invest the donors’ money into self-help projects instead of directly spending it on day to day operational expenses such as feeding the children or paying our staff.

Our educational projects are designed to equip our students with a variety of marketable skills that will enable them to earn a living or catch up with the rest of the main stream society. These programs include both formal, traditional school and technical training which provide a hands-on experience for our children who desire to learn a specific trade.

Umuryango recognizes and well understands the struggles our children have been through. Despite an obviously transformation and progress they have made over the years under Umuryango’s care, our children are faced with a number of social, economic and spiritual challenges that are often uncommon to many other society members. Some of those challenges include not having a caring family environment, no adult Christian role models, no accessible financial backup in case of financial crisis, professional and real life counseling etc. Umuryango has designed these special programs to insure that the progress we have made with our graduates– children who have been under our care and have gone back into normal, independent  life—is not undermined by these unfortunate circumstances.

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