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Olivier was just two years old when the 1994 genocide killed over 1000000 people in Rwanda. He was young, but vividly remembers the sight of dead bodies lying in the streets as his mother carried him on her back. Fortunately, his mother and father both survived the genocide, but he was raised in the aftermath of the genocide and in a country struggling to forgive and rebuild the lives of its citizens. Due to extreme poverty and tragic, sudden loss of his father, Olivier became a street child.

Olivier was taken from street to Umuryango and lived there for eight years. As one of our eldest children, Olivier became a leader and a big brother figure to many of the younger children at Umuryango. In his free time, he loved to play soccer and was once the captain of his school soccer team.

Olivier has been one of the most courageous and ambitious children at Umuryango. Ever since he joined Umuryango, he dreamed to become a mechanic driver. When he graduated from elementary school, he enrolled in a technical school and performed well. In two years, he became a certified mechanic.

Like many other graduates from Umuryango, Oliver was helped to secure a job at the local garage in capital city, Kigali. He was given all required material and membership fees. Today, Olivier is happily employed and enjoys what he does. He does such a good job that he stands out at work place. Everybody knows him!

Umuryango may not be able to help every deserving child but looking back at Olivier and others like him makes all of us praise God for one changed life.Olivier could not have made it without support and love especially from his sponsoring family, the Newlins. We keep in touch with all of our children to ensure them that we are always there for them to fall back on. It is our hope that all of our children get equipped to go as far as possible but stay closer as a family.

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