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Founder, volunteer
  • Phone Number: 703-755-0586
  • Email: yohani@umuryango.org
  • Website:http://www.umuryango.org
  • Website:http://www.facebook.com/umuryango
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  • Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/umuryangochildren
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Dr. Yohani Kayinamura is the founder of Umuryango. He is a chemistry professor and he volunteers as the president of Umuryango Children’s Network. Yohani is an educator, a leader, and a social and business entrepreneur.

Yohani is also the founder and co-owner of CALLSMADELOCAL LLC, a telecom company that specializes in providing international calling and mobile recharge services to the African diaspora.

His goal is to use his scientific, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to bring integrated approach to building the capacity of Umuryango Children’s Network as it strives to help the street children become the people that God intended.

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