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Our Values

Our Values

Attacking the problem head-on: Molding the future today!

Our solution is based on a set of values that we all share with our children, the care team members (staff), the volunteers and partners. We collectively affirm and enact the following set of values which ultimately direct and influence our “value proposition” or “the positive change Umuryango wants to see take place.”

Relationship with God: This is the most important of all: Without relationship with God, all the things done for our children would simply be done in vain. The children without relationship with God are useless to the kingdom of God and to our nation regardless of how highly trained they may be. It is only the relationship with God and His inspiration which will ensure the best and effective use of their talents to the common good of our nation and the world as a whole.

Character Building: We believe that character is taught and learned. We strive to be the right role models for our children by living what we teach them. The character and integrity of our children are nurtured to match their God-given full potential and community needs so they can make a positive impact in the country.

Education: We value the uniqueness of each individual and gifts for the kingdom of God. We spend quality time with each child in order to discern his God given talents. This allows us to help him discover his purpose in life. Once a child discovers what he wants to be, we aim him to his Godly intended target in life through education and appropriate training.

Encouragement and guidance: All of our children have once been abandoned, despised and left to live in loneliness on street. They have lacked role models and responsible Christian adults to encourage and guide them through life. We believe that this is a vital component each child needs and deserves in order to become a responsible adult. We meet this need by loving them, guiding them and encouraging them to go an extra mile.

Community integration: Umuryango believes that our children will become active participants and leaders in their community. To achieve this goal we actively build bridges between our children and the community (currently the village of Byimana) and design programs to positively impact both the children and the village.

Meeting physical needs: Most of our children have run away from their families trying to escape from their unmet physical needs. At Umuryango, we understand the fear and the needs that are tormenting these children. We feed them, we clothe them and we give them a safe home so they can be kids again. We do not only provide what they need, we also strive to give them what they want as children.

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